Additional services

We’re happy to support you in everything to do with your working day

Whatever you need – a query that needs answering, technical support or just a printer – the Welle7 team is here to provide professional assistance.

Sales and advice

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Got a particular enquiry, or want some advice about what we offer? Looking for technical support for IT? Need information or lost something? Our staffed information Point on deck 3 is the friendly and expert place to go to for all visitors and customers.

Contact us on: +41 58 565 79 97 or


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Would you like to something to eat during your meeting at Welle7 Workspace? From croissants and muesli through wraps and salads to antipasti and desserts – choose from our varied options for your meeting to match the time and the occasion. You are welcome to order from our menu either when making your booking or at a later date.

Contact us on: +41 58 565 79 97 or

Technical support

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Are you glad of technical support for your presentation or event? We'd be delighted to provide this. You can talk to us about any technical issues or concerns. We will provide support throughout the booking period if you wish.

Contact us on: +41 58 565 79 97 or

Laptop rental

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Whether you need it for work or a presentation, you can book a state-of-the-art laptop in tip-top condition in addition to your room. Our devices are updated on a regular basis and have all the programs you need for an impressive presentation of high quality.

Contact us on: +41 58 565 79 97 or

Virtual event

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Are you looking for up-to-the-minute ways of linking the virtual and physical worlds? Solutions with all kinds of benefits for meetings, conferences and events? Thanks to our comprehensive understanding of event and conference technology, we offer custom package solutions for virtual events.


Break-out areas

Do you have some free time between meetings? Missed your train? Our unique birdhouses on deck 5, 6, and 7 offer you flexible workspaces in an innovative, open atmosphere and are equally ideal for flying visits or longer sessions. And you can use them free of charge as long as there is space available.