Photo station

High-quality photos to hand or online in an instant

Make more of your passport photos and mobile phone pics: our high-quality booths give you plenty of opportunity to take and reuse funny or serious pictures in no time at all.

Passport photos and fun pictures
The Prontophot lets you take professional, high-quality photos for official documents or select an original background for your photo.

Mobile phone cases
Give your smartphone a personal touch or surprise your loved one with an individual motif. You can create your own mobile phone case in just two minutes. You will only pay for the case once, but you can swap the motif as often as you like. Available for all iPhones (from iPhone4), Samsung S3, S3 mini, S4, S4 mini, Ace, Note 2, Note 3.

Design a photo album and print photos
Capture precious moments: you can design your own photo book in a matter of minutes. You can upload the photos via smartphone (iOS, Android), CD/DVD, USB Key, Bluetooth, Compact Flash, MS Pro&Duo, Mini SD, Wi-Fi, XD Card, Micro SD, M2, SD Card.

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