Your new parcel delivery address with us

Save the bother of going to the post office: Our Collect Lounge is a convenient way for you to pick up any parcels you have ordered on the way to your meeting or shopping trip.

All you need to do is register on, activate the personal delivery address and give the Welle7 Collect-Lounge as your delivery address when placing an order. You will receive a message which you can show at the reception desk in the Collect-Lounge on Deck 3 and then take delivery of your parcel.

You can try on the items you have ordered in the attractive setting of the ultra-modern Collect-Lounge if you wish and return them directly if necessary.

Get here to the GTCs of the Collect-Lounge.


Price list
No additional fees are charged for the acceptance of incoming consignments or franked return consignments ready for dispatch.
If a package still needs to be franked, we offer shipment as a package by post, DHL or DPD in return for payment.

Maximum dimension
80 x 80 x 160 cm
Maximum weight
DPD & Swiss Post 20 kg
DHL 25 kg

Logistic partners
DHL, DPD, Swiss Post and PickMup

Opening hours
Mo - Fr 08:00 to 20:00
Sa                     08:00 to 17:00
Su                     closed

Deck 3

Do you have any questions? If so, please feel free to contact us at any time!
Tel. +41 58 565 79 10

Additional services in the Collect-Lounge:
  • Gift cards
    Buy the popular credit card-style Welle7 gift cards here.
  • Home delivery service
    Drop off your Welle7 purchases at the reception desk in the Collect-Lounge. Our home delivery service will save you any more hassle by taking the items straight to your home.

  • Information
    We can tell you all about what Welle7 has to offer.

  • Lost and found
    Have you lost something or found anything that could have been left behind by a Welle7 visitor? We will keep found items until we manage to track down the rightful owner.

  • Ticket Sales
    Open-air events, musicals, theatre - all tickets from See Tickets and tipo ticketing can be bought in advance in the Collect-Lounge. YB fans also get their money's worth: Tickets are available in all categories (excl. guest section and VIP seats).

  • Textile cleaning
  • Bring your dirty clothes to the Collect-Lounge in Welle7 and we'll make sure they are professionally cleaned.
  • Delivery Adress Welle7
  • With you can be easily sent goods from online shops worldwide to the delivery address Welle7 in Bern. takes over the customs clearance to Switzerland and delivers quickly and cheaply!