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Welle7 Rules and Regulations

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Welcome to Welle7. Your well-being is important to us. The following points apply to the entire Welle7 complex, including the shopping area.

  1. Welle7 is a smoke-free zone outside the designated smoking areas. The no-smoking rule also applies to all forms of e-cigarettes.
  2. No begging or soliciting is allowed.
  3. Visitors are not permitted to offer goods for sale, play musical instruments, listen to loud music, give performances or hold events without the written authorisation of the centre management.
  4. Visitors may not distribute advertising material, put up posters, conduct customer surveys, take photographs or film without the written authorisation of the centre management.
  5. The use of bicycles, scooters, skateboards, in-line skates and similar items is not permitted for safety reasons.
  6. No animals are allowed in any part of the complex.
  7. Tables and chairs in the food court at Welle7 are reserved exclusively for customers of the catering outlets located there and may only be used for the consumption of food and drink.
  8. In the Welle7 Workspace food may only be consumed in designated rooms or in rooms that have been booked for an event.
  9. The available seating must be used when sitting down.
  10. Anyone who intentionally makes a mess, causes damage or abuses facilities in the centre (e.g. communal areas such as toilets, first aid rooms etc.) will be banned from the complex and subject to a claim for compensation.
  11. Anyone who loiters after being expelled from the centre by the centre management or their authorised representative may be prosecuted for trespass.
  12. Visitors to Welle7 must behave in such a way as to ensure that other guests and employees of Welle7 and its co-tenants are not obstructed, harassed or endangered.
  13. The disposal of personal waste and litter is prohibited throughout the complex and in the car park. Any infringement of this rule carries a financial penalty.
  14. The parking levels are not guarded. No responsibility is accepted for parked vehicles or their contents.
  15. The instructions of Welle7 staff must be followed at all times.

We hope you have an enjoyable time at Welle7.
Welle7 Centre Management