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General Terms and Conditions (GTCs) of Welle7 Home Delivery Service

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Our service
It is a matter of great concern for us that customers who have purchased goods at Welle7 will be satisfied with our Home Delivery Service for these goods, and will continue to honour us with their custom in the future.

The Home Delivery Service fulfils all deliveries exclusively in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions.

Acceptance of goods (delivery volume)
The following goods purchased at Welle7 will be accepted for delivery (max. 2 shopping bags or 2 parcels per order): food and material goods weighing up to max. 15 kg and measuring up to max. 60x40x50 cm. Heavy or bulky goods will only be delivered in exceptional cases and by special arrangement. Goods are not put into interim storage for long and are usually delivered on the day of purchase or on the next working day.
Only goods purchased at Welle7 will be delivered. Personal items such as luggage, rucksacks, etc. will not be transported. Goods will be transported chilled or frozen if the customer has specified this on the delivery order. It is not advisable to use the Home Delivery Service for valuables (see disclaimer below).

Delivery area and charges
Goods can be delivered to any address in Switzerland. A flat rate (including VAT) is charged for deliveries within the defined delivery zone around Bern. Deliveries to the rest of Switzerland will be made against payment of the actual cost of the respective delivery service plus VAT and fuel surcharge. The delivery charge is payable immediately unless expressly agreed otherwise.

Delivery time
The Home Delivery Service shall endeavour to deliver the goods within the time windows offered. The required time window for delivery is shown on the order form.

Delivery address / taking back of goods if customer is not at home
The goods will be delivered to the address specified by the customer or to the contact person specified by the customer in the immediate neighbourhood. The goods will be taken back if there is nobody present at the delivery address or the contact person’s address. In that case the customer can collect the goods from the Home Delivery Service at his or her own cost or a new delivery can be ordered. Goods will not be left outside the door of the house or apartment unless this has been expressly instructed by the customer on the delivery order.

The Home Delivery Service's responsibility for the goods begins with their acceptance by the Home Delivery Service and ends when the goods are handed over at the address specified by the customer or to the contact person, or (where agreed) when they are deposited outside the door of the house or apartment. The Welle7 Home Delivery Service is liable for loss of or damage to the goods while in transit up to a maximum amount of CHF 200.00 per delivery order; any further liability is excluded. No liability will be accepted for valuables. Liability is not accepted for compliance with the delivery time requested by the customer or for the refrigeration chain. The above liability exclusions and restrictions do not apply for damages caused by the Home Delivery Service deliberately or as a result of gross negligence.

Due delivery
The customer confirms due delivery of the goods with the signing of the delivery note (acknowledgement) or with consenting to the depositing of the goods outside the door of the house or apartment.

Data protection
Customer data will be used solely for the execution of the delivery order.

Customer service
Your satisfaction is very important to us and we look forward to receiving your positive feedback. However, it is also important to let us know if there are any problems so that we can put things right and improve our service.
The Collect-Lounge is available during opening hours to answer any questions you may have. Tel. +41 58 565 79 10;

General Terms and Conditions (GTCs) of the Welle7 Home Delivery Service; last update: July 27 2016