Wise up!

Switzerland's most modern Migros Club School offers a perfect blend of fun, flexibility and education. Why not discover what we offer and the unique Welle7 atmosphere for yourself?

The Migros Club School in Welle7

«Welcome to the club» is motto at Switzerland's most popular educational and recreational institution. The Club School is a meeting point where people can get involved in meaningful recreational activities, discover new worlds and strengthen their bodies.and minds. It offers a wide, attractive range of activities in the areas of languages, health and creativity – thanks to financial support through the Migros Culture Percentage.

The IBAW at Welle7

The IBAW offers private individuals and companies/institutions high-quality, practice-oriented further education courses in business and IT as well as teacher training for continuing education. Thanks to its seminars, study programmes and postgraduate courses at various locations throughout Switzerland, the IBAW plays a key role in boosting Switzerland's role as a business location.